Founded by a business owner, for business owners.

GoHandbooks first started as a small feature I built for my own company. It was deeply embedded into our project management and tasking system - the tool we use every day.

When I hired my first employee, I realized that in order to trust that this person provides my clients with the same level of service as me I had to document what I did.

That's when I created "handbooks". These were pages that I could link to when I assigned tasks. They served as our contract for each job. The employee knew to follow the instructions in the handbook and I knew to include a link to the right handbook page each time I assigned a task.

We made an agreement that we share the responsibility to "improve the handbooks as we go". This collaborative culture allowed the employee to contribute ideas to improving our procedures, which in turn increased the quality of service we provided as a company.

As the team grew, more and more handbooks were created. We organized them into areas of expertise and kept refining and improving. The sum of our handbooks form our company manual - as Micheal E. Gerber recommends developing in his book The E-Myth. Growing the team and scaling the business would not have been possible without these handbook pages.

Onboarding new team members became easier and smoother as new employees were handed clear guidance right from the start. By having this culture of excellence and working collectively to follow the same processes, we were able to produce consistent quality of service to our clients.

Then, I realized that we could move this system to an independent platform and share it with the world.

That's when GoHandbooks was born.

My hope is that it can help you build a culture of excellence within your company and lead you towards success and growth, as it did for me.

Submitted by Reed Handbook on Fri, 05/31/2024 - 16:22